WHO-FIC Committees and Reference Groups

Education and Implementation Committee (EIC)
Co-chairs:  Cassia Buchalla (Brazil) and Sue Walker (Australia)

  • Assist WHO and WHO-FIC with implementation in member states, an inventory of activities, training tools, ensure quality of data, certification programme, resources on the sharepoint site etc.
  • A major current focus on development and distribution of a comprehensive set of resources to support ICD-10 training, in collaboration with the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA; previously IFHRO).

Family Development Committee (FDC)
Co-chairs:  Richard Madden (Australia) and Huib ten Napel (Netherlands)

  • WHO-FIC logical structure, align classification for consistency and avoid duplication
  • Major focus on the development of ICHI (International Classification of Health Interventions).

Informatics and Terminology Committee (ITC)
Co-chairs:  Stefanie Weber (Germany) and Sukil Kim (Korea)

  • Electronic use of classification; standardised terminologies and data exchange.

Update and Revision Committee (URC)
Co-chairs:  Mea Renahan (North America) and Francesco Gongolo (Italy)

  • Responsible for updates to ICD-10 and ICF, in consultation with the reference groups for these classifications.  Updates for ICD-10 also take into account activities and requirements related to the development of ICD-11.
  • Minor updates each year and major updates every 3 years.

Mortality Reference Group (MRG)
Co-chairs:  Donna Hoyert (North America) and Patricia Woods (North America)

  • The reference group for ICD mortality coding.
  • Reviewed more than 350 revisions and took 250 decisions during the 2010 meetings.

Morbidity Reference Group (MbRG)

  • The reference group for ICD morbidity coding.
  • Split from the mortality reference group some years ago after the combined workload became too big.
  • This group is currently in recess, due to the fact that the focus is on morbidity coding for ICD-11.  This group has therefore been effectively replaced by the ICD-11 MbTAG (Morbidity Topic Advisory Group).  Donna Pickett is a co-chair of the MbTAG.

Functioning and Disability Reference Group (FDRG)
Co-chairs:  Ros Madden (Australia) and Gerold Stucki (Germany)

  • The reference group for ICF.
  • Working on coding guidelines, ICF updates, ICF implications for ICD, measurement and statistics uses of ICF, educational materials, ethical applications, environmental factors.