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icfThe International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is the international standard for framing, describing, recording and measuring functioning and disability.

The ICF:

  • represents a broad view of functioning and disability - across all domains of functioning in daily life (participation, activities, body functions and structures) - and requires an accounting for environmental factors that influence functioning.
  • classifies all the components of functioning and disability as well as the physical, social and attitudinal environmental factors affecting them.

Ethical guidelines for use of the ICF include the need for respect and confidentiality and ensuring that people have opportunities for participating in recording functioning.

(ICF) has been in circulation since 2001. Since publication, members of the Functioning and Disability Reference Group (FDRG) have been teaching users and potential users about the clinical, social, academic, research, health service administration and statistical uses of the classification using a selection of materials and methods.

For more information download the ICF Practical Guide


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