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Meeting 2018

Alignment of WHO-FIC content within a Unifying Model: Preliminary Steps

Submitted by admin on 7 November 2019

At the Seoul WHO-FIC Network Meeting in 2018, a discussion was held on the possibility of developing a generalized Content Model and Foundation that encompass all WHO-FIC core classifications. After that, a working group has been started of which Warrick Sive, Luisa Whitelaw, and Soraya Maart of the South African-based Collaborating Centre have been part. The working group pursue the following vision:

Development of one single Foundation from which all variants of WHO-FIC classifications are derived as linearisations;

The Foundation should be based on a core WHO-FIC Content Model shared and extended by different classifications;

The Foundation content should be harmonized, without duplicates and with mutual references, that serves the requirements of all classifications;

There should be a clear relationship to underlying ontologies, i.e., concepts represented in classifications should be well-defined;

Finally, there will be a need for integrated tools that facilitate the development, maintenance, versioning, and publication of all WHO-FIC classifications.

Two main lines of work have been identified: one dealing with the model and the other addressing the harmonization of the content. This latter group will concentrate on the existing entities now represented in the three reference classifications.
The working group meets regularly by teleconference and had also an in-presence meeting in Conegliano, Italy. In the latter, the basis for the first concrete steps have been set, starting from a preliminary work about the content models of the current classifications, to find similarities and differences at the present time and suggest further developments.

Download the poster presented at the annual WHO-FIC meeting in 2019